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Note: Because Tales of the Abyss is an absurdly long game, with additional canon in the form of anime, manga, doujin, and info guides, I am pretty much going WILD with Luke's memory list. HOWEVER, much of it is locked out atm (as denoted by the *). This is because a lot of these scenes are info dumps, a lot of them are more other people's business than Luke's, and a lot of them are just too much. I don't really want Luke finding out that he is a replica and Asch hates him and his Master betrayed him and he is a worthless human being ALL AT ONCE from the wrong memory. So those are all put away for now and will become available once he has more solid personality and relationships within Aather.

Significant Positive
-Talking to Master Van in prison
(Only Master Van understands me!)

-His father telling him he's going to be an hero!
(I'm going to be a hero!!!)

-Getting BFF forever title
(Guy likes me even though I'm not Asch)

-Saving St. Binah *

-Midgame conversations pre-Van battle *
(Everyone believes in me)

-The night before attacking Eldrant
(I'm happy just to be alive)

Trivial Positive
-Filling his diary with pictures of Master Van
(Master Van is awesome and will teach me to be as strong as him!!)

-Guy sneaking into his bedroom to keep him company
(Uggh! He's my servant I should get to hang out with him if I want!)

-Ion sticking up for his change of heart
(Of course no one expects me to be nice)

-Visiting Tear in Yulia City
(She still loves him...)

-Donating all of his monies to Luke Bridge
(Now Belkend and Sheridan can be united!)

Significant Neutral
-Tear trying to attack Van and getting teleported across the world
(Don't touch Master Van!!!)

-Lorelei taking over his body and Van helping him chill out
(Worst super power!)

-Riding along in Asch's head while he is coma'd *
(Who am I?)

-Hair cutting resolution to stop sucking *
(I have to change)

-Escaping the castle with Asch's help after Uncle tried to kill him and Natalia *
(Damn you, Mohs!!)

-Stopping the Core's vibration, Sync's suicide, Lorelei's appearance *
(We aren't trash!)

-Asch telling him to kill Van
(Something's wrong with Asch...)

-Forcing Asch to talk to Mother and Father again
(Asch should be here)

-Party trying to talk him out of suicide heroics pre-Tower of Rem*
(I can't let Asch die)

-Trying to convince Asch he must be the one to free Lorelei *
(We aren't the same)

-End game *
(I'm sorry, everyone)

Trivial Neutral
-Getting Guy a birthday present
(He better appreciate this)

-Tear explaining Seventh Fonons and apologizing for dickery
(Tear is nice???)

-Returning to Batical
(This doesn't feel like home...)

-Visiting Nephry for Jade's life story, getting the second half from Jade
(So that's what Jade is really like...)

-Eavesdropping on Natalia and Asch, Tear's ensuing speech. *
(Is it all right that I was born?)

-Finding out he is still dying and lying to party about it
(It's better if they don't know)

Significant Negative
-Killing for the first time
(I don't want to kill!)

-Meeting Asch for the first time *

-Akzeriuth + Blamegame Aftermath *

-Fighting Asch in Yulia City *
(I-I'm a replica??)

-Learning Akzeriuth's destruction was foretold in the Closed Score *
(What the hell is wrong with people?!)

-Guy trying to murder him + ensuing explanation *
(Even Guy hated me...)

-Terrible Tear is dying conversation
(Stop acting so strong!)

-Escaping Sheridan, Van killing old people *
(Damn it, Master! How could you!)

-The treaty signing in Yulia City *
(Everything was for the Score??)

-Killing Master Van first time *
(Why do I exist?)

-Ion's death *
(Ion stop being jesus!!)

-Helping Anise kill Arietta
(Why did this have to happen...)

-The Tower of Rem *
(I don't want to die!)

-Killing Largo with Natalia
(Even though they wanted the same thing...)

-Fighting Asch second time *
(I am myself!)

-Feeling Asch die, Natalia's ensuing freakout *

-Killing Master Van second time *
(I love you, Master)

Trivial Negative
-Getting frustrated at Natalia trying to teach him to read
(Shut up you're so annoying!)

-Natalia bothering him to remember some proposal for like the MILLIONTH TIME
(I'm never going to remember already! Stop being such a nag!)

-Meeting Mieu, killing the Liger Queen
(God this sucked)

-Legretta's attack on the mountain pass, Tear's ensuing lecture
(Stop not telling me things!)

-Master Van telling him he's a worthless tool
(Yeah I know...)

-Learning of Hod's destruction from Tear
(So that's Master Van's motive...)

-Learning that replicas are not in the score
(My existence threw the Score off?)

* Please do not give these memories yet

Mundane Skills
-Albert Style Sword Artes

Special Skills


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